• Stage Fronts
  • Orchestra Pits
  • Elevated Platforms
  • Steps
The Future Light EdgeLyte is especially designed and engineered as a safety lighting device specifically suited for demarcating changes in elevation such as stage fronts, orchestra pits, elevated platforms, steps and similar locations found around stages and similar facilities.

Unit shall use low voltage LED sources available in red, blue, green, amber, yellow or white and be capable of a minimum spacing of 1 inch. The unit shall be supplied with one of the following power supplies as noted on the fixture schedules; 100-230v AC ON/OFF non-dim, 100-240v AC with manual intensity control, 100-240v AC with master intensity control via USITT DMX-512. Visibility of the light source shall be limited to persons standing onstage and shall not be readily visible when viewed by persons in the audience. Vertical style shall have limited side view. Units with DMX control option shall illuminate to maximum intensity in the absence of a DMX control signal.

Rails runs measures .5”H x .75”W x required length. EdgeLyte is design to be installed in a groove and flush with the surface.
Controllers are designed to fit in a 2 gang backbox or a custom rack panel.

Contact us for more information and more detailed specifications.

Please contact us for current pricing. EdgeLyte is a custom made product based on selection of components. For a quotation please provide 1) an in scale plan drawing 2) portion of the fixture schedule where EdgeLyte is listed 3) portion of the spec if described within